Sustainability is facing the future with love and care.

Sustainability is facing the
future with love and care.

Let’s face it.

When it comes to sustainability there aren’t any ready-made solutions.

So, while we take pride in being forerunners in the field with very real interventions, we know there’s so much more to be done.

We’ve made huge inroads with a complete conversion to recycled metals for instance, just as we have made a real commitment to aiming for net zero emissions (scope 1 & 2).

It’s a journey we do not make alone.
We have come a long way. We have a long way to go.

Sourcing sustainably and ethically

We don’t claim to have everything figured out but we do have 100% integrity in asking ourselves difficult questions and finding viable answers.

We’re very serious about making a positive impact and, as we move ahead, we want to take you with us.

So that we can all look back and say, we did good.
One person, one step, one day, yes – even one tree – at a time!

“Ceaselessly seeking more solutions!”

All our manufacturing is done
using recycled gold, platinum
and silver, including all plated
We run our manufacturing
facility on renewable energy.
We ensure bio degradable/
recycled/recyclable packaging
on all shipments.

“We stand for total transparency
from ethical sourcing to product disclosure.”

Why sustainability makes so much sense

Because recycled metals shine just as bright

We use recycled metals from certified sources to build a sustainable and circular economy.

Shifting to recycled metals reduces energy consumption, carbon emissions and lowers the impact on global warming.

Because to recycle is to honour the cycle of life

To lessen environmental impact, we ensure that all our packaging material, from end to end is either recycled, biodegradable, or recyclable.

In order to smoothly transition to more and more recycled materials across everything we use, we try to re-use as much as possible so that we reduce plastic and paper usage.

Because renewable energy empowers us to deliver on our green goals
We were one of the earliest adopters of 100% renewable energy in jewellery manufacturing.

We are driven by the strong belief that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a greener future can only be achieved by leaders taking the lead.

Because every certification is a confirmation that we are on the right path

We are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) with Code of Practice (COP) as well as Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard.
We have been COP Certified since 2014.

We are among the first in India & Asia to achieve RJC CoC certification. Our precious metal suppliers also have CoC certification from the RJC.

We have audited provenance claims for all of the recycled gold and platinum jewellery we supply.

View Our Responsible Jewellery Council Certificate
View Our Corporate Social Responsibility Document
View Our Nomination & Remuneration Policy Document

Compliant with
Kimberly process
regulations under
UN GAR 55/56

Gold & Platinum
(CoC certified)

We procure recycled
gold & platinum from
RJC certified refineries.
We recognize LBMA,
certified refineries.

Alloys (Recycled)
Compliant with EU
Nickel directive EN
for amount of Nickel.
We procure our alloys
directly from refiners
who produce recycled

Through big steps and little actions, it all adds up.

Our sources of power

1,300,000 kilowatts
100% from renewable sources

Our sources of oxygen
We have tree-plantation initiatives regularly, that saw us reach 10,000 tress in August 2023.
Our sources of water
  • 22% of our water comes from groundwater harvesting
  • We’ve installed low flow water fixtures and rainwater harvesting
  • Reduced water usage by 47% in the first year alone
Our sources of motivation
  • Aiming for net zero carbon from operations
  • Doing what it takes to achieve net zero target
  • Reducing carbon emissions in urban areas and augmenting livelihoods in rural areas

“We continue to challenge
ourselves on what more we can do!”

Humanity and equality are at the heart of all we do

Be it with our teams, our customers or the 
communities and charities that we support.

We ensure

that everyone who works with us feels represented and included.

We nurture

employees through pay, engagement, support and benefit standards.

We follow

all RJC principles and best practices for employment, health and safety.

We aim

for Fine Jewellery to be a great place to work.

We understand

How important it is to respect, value and celebrate our differences.

We are powered by three P’s – People, Planet, Passion

With the principle being – “Not only, but also”!

Not only by looking after the health of our employees with access to on-site doctors, annual health checks and health cover for employees and their families (including children and parents) but also by sponsoring medical equipment for local public health care institutes.
Not only by providing our employees with a subsidised canteen, yoga sessions, wellness programmes and quarterly value awards but also by ensuring our annual tree plantation drives have a percentage of fruit-bearing trees that contribute to farmers’ livelihoods under the Rural Upliftment Program.
Not only of our business successes with bonus schemes but also the success of our employees’ children through merit programmes for outstanding exam results and career guidance outreach programmes, and by enjoying festivals, sports events and picnics together as one big family.
Not only within our company through trainee and intern placements and management training programmes for progression support but also by partnering with The Gems & Jewellery Skill Council of India for providing training opportunities.
Not only as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility but also as part of our promise to make jewellery with love for our planet, we contribute 2% per cent of our annual profit to the communities where we operate, by supporting social and environmental initiatives and promoting sustainable development.

Our presence is global, our contacts are local.